Gardening in Pots

Gardening in Pots

In the spring, many a homeowner’s thoughts turn to the garden. Given the beauty and convenience of a container garden, it’s no surprise that an estimated 90 percent of America’s 67 million gardeners grow plants in containers. Here are some tips for creating a cheerful container garden of your own.


Expand your imagination beyond flowers: a wide variety of plants and evergreen shrubs do very well in containers. Be sure to purchase your plants at a dependable nursery, selecting only high quality plants that are free of disease and pests. For more visual interest in each pot, use three or four plant varieties that harmonize with one another.

Sun & Soil

When growing plants in containers, rotate them a quarter turn each day to help them grow straight and full. Potted plants usually require more water and fertilizer than plants growing in the ground, using the proper kind of soil is very important.


Your imagination is the limit when it comes to containers for your garden. Most plant containers are made out of wood, plastic, ceramics or clay. But you might try non-traditional containers, such as buckets, wooden crates, or an old watering can. An unusual container can make for a striking garden arrangement.

Your container garden will make your home appear more welcoming and even more attractive to potential buyers. And whatever type of garden you create, remember to take time to enjoy it.