Private Home Sales – Should a Realtor Sell Them?

Perhaps I am misguided for my choice of business model, and for this I apologize, mainly to the other Realtors. The reason I say this is because I don’t see the problem with selling private sales when the house is perfect for my buyers. Sure companies like the PropertyGuys get a little marketing boost when I sell one of their listings, but aren’t we all working together? I stick my sign in th eyard anyway even though their “policy” says I can’t. The homeowner is the real authority here, if they want my sign in the yard saying I sold the home, then why not? The general question I am asking though, is, Isn’t that my job; to sell houses? Aren’t those (private sales) considered houses? How can i tell my buyers that I cannot show that house because it is listed privately?

In the end I always act in the best interest of the buyers. Most of the time I still get paid by the seller and both buyer and seller are happy with me and refer more business to me. I have sold 6 this year. Sure my name doesn’t get recorded for those six sales in our local real estate board or on MLS, but that just pads my ego more than anything. So what is your opinion? Should I sell private sales or not? If your house was listed for private sale would you be grateful for me bringing a buyer and be willing to pay for that?

2 thoughts on “Private Home Sales – Should a Realtor Sell Them?”

  1. Andrew you don’t know me but I have heard of you and see your signs everywhere. What I hear is that you are a great agent that always does right for people. We need more people like you.

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