Local Realtor Owns Property Guys

What Do You Think?

So a Real Estate Broker owns a private sale franchise in Mississauga.  the question posed is how can someone work both niches (private-sale and real estate) and still claim to have honest motives when talking to the prospective client?  I am not saying that this broker is dishonest in fact I am sure they are not.  What I am saying is how does one talk with conviction when asking someone to pay you to list on MLS when you might say just the opposite should they be looking for assistance to sell privately.  I would suggest that he should pick one or the other and run with it.

Here is the video that mentions his franchise.  Remember that I am not against private sale companies, they have their place.  Nor am I anti competition.  I believe in my model and my skills, people will pay for that expertise which will often put more money in their pocket should they follow my advice, rather than sell privately.  I just wish everyone would try it the logical way, which is to list with a realtor, then if that doesn’t work try privately…. MLS doesn’t cost a thing until it sells.  Anyway that’s another story.

So the reason I posted this video was really to attract more hits to this blog. PropertyGuys is a great website. I don’t have to bash them like some of their commercials or their presentations.  (That “Joe Schmo” thing is bothersome). Despite their sometimes questionable marketing methods, selling privately is an option. Just make sure that your motivation is right. Are you selling because you truly feel that you will put more money in your pocket, or are you caught up in a prideful mindset that just doesn’t want to give anyone a large paycheque? Isn’t it worth a chat with a realtor, its free, only 30 minutes at tops, and can potentially save you thousands of dollars? You can also take the head in the sand approach too I suppose. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt right?

What are your thoughts, should a Real Estate Broker own a Brokerage and a Private Sale company?


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One thought on “Local Realtor Owns Property Guys”

  1. This actually does make sense for a realtor to own a private sale company. As a realtor he can offer his customers a broader choice of services, from self service through Property Guys all the way through to full service with a Realtor.

    It provides the consumers more choice, something the competition bureau has been asking the real estate industry to do for a while.

    I interviewed a number of agents before deciding to sell on my own through Property Guys. I ended up listing privately for 9% higher than what the agents had suggested I list at.

    When considering selling your home on your own simply obtain a formal appraisal done of your home from an appraisal firm. This will ensure you are priced right.

    I saved $24,000 in real estate feels and sold my house for $20,000 to $35,000 more than any agent I interviewed felt it would sell for.

    End result is that I have at least $44,000 more in my pocked on a house I sold for $420,000.

    Now, all that being said, selling your home on your own isn’t for everyone. Good realtors can add value to these transactions. That is what Peter is banking on. He gets to capture the FSBO market and offer a realtively seemless way to upgrade to a full service realtor if the person has trouble selling privately.

    It makes sense to try it yourself first then move up to full service realtor if that doesn;t pan it.

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