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New Investment Property Hits Market


Investment Property

Recently we listed an investment property in Guelph that deserves your attention.  The reason is because it features a legal 3 bedroom apartment!

investment property in guelph

Why is This Great News?

The city of Guelph does not currently allow more than 2 bedrooms in a basement apartment.  There are also restrictions on the percentage of square feet that the apartment has in comparison to the main house.  This property, 75 Cedar St in Guelph, is what we called grandfathered. The legal status was granted before the changes of the by-laws and building codes, so it will remain with the property unless there are significant changes.

We love this investment property because it can generate up to $3000 per month.  The high quality finishes and modern decor appeal to the students and young people of the city.  The bus stop is close by and the University of Guelph is walking distance.

The other reason we love this investment property is because it can be flexible for a buyer.  It can be a family home, renting to a young couple in the basement, or it can be a full rental.  The 3 bedrooms on each separate floor are relatively easy to rent out.  In our experience 3 rooms are much easier to rent than 4 rooms.

if you want to learn more about this house click on the link below:

Guelph Investment Property


January 2016 – Market Speedometer

Wonder What Happened in 2015?

2015 was another blazing year for real estate.  Those of you who used a Realtor® saw this first hand with multiple offers, and often times over asking sale prices.  Those who didn’t use a Realtor® still benefited by selling in a reasonable time frame, and acceptable price.  The strong market was caused by the lack of inventory in Guelph.  The simple answer is that more people wanted to move here, rather than leave.  Our strong local economy, low unemployment and low vacancy rates all assisted in creating an appealing housing market.

Guelph Real Estate Market Stats Great Investment

In 2015 over 86% of properties that were listed sold! That may not sound very good to some people, but remember this includes ALL properties and as we know not all properties are sellable.  Out of 2769 properties listed, 2399 sold!  The average days on market was 21.  Yes, 21 days to sell your house firm!

What Happened in January This Year?

January continues to be hot!! Although the snow hasn’t melted from the heat! The January market has some people scratching their heads, as traditionally January is dead, but to those of us who do this every day, it is actually predictable.  The factors are nearly always predictable, at least in the last 10 years.

  • The first reason is pent up demand from the Christmas holidays, buyers are finished with the festivities, and now focus on buying a house again.  Many people still have not secured a home from the fall because of the brisk market.
  • The second influence is the student rental market.  Investors and parents scramble to secure a property in a short window of time while students simultaneously search for properties to rent.  This creates excitement and an early start to the year.  The energy of this period is sensed by the local “regular” buyers and sellers and the transition to normal real estate market activities is smooth as the snow melts away. The spring market springs early!

January 2016 Guelph Housing Market Report

What Does This Mean?

What it means is that if you own property in Guelph, you have a great investment!  People want to live here and you can enjoy the equity that creates.  If you want to sell, you will get top dollar if planned correctly.  If you buy and you also plan correctly, you will join a healthy real estate market and start building your dreams with confidence. Please consult with us BEFORE you make any decisions so that we can guide you through the process, and get you the best outcome for your situation.

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January 2016 - Real Estate Market Speedometer


How Does a Rent to Own Work

How Does a Rent to Own Work?

A Rent to Own program, also known as a Lease-Option Agreement, is designed to assist individuals who have difficultly obtaining a mortgage or have credit issues. It provides a way to re-build credit scores and accumulate a larger down payment before they need to qualify for a mortgage. In other words you get to live in the house of your dreams now.

rent to own homes in Guelph can be an exciting opportunity

What Are the Benefits?

A potential home buyer may be able to pay for their current rent without difficulty, yet cannot qualify for a mortgage because of credit difficulties in the past even though often times a mortgage is less than their current rent. On top of that the real estate market continues to grow every year at an average rate of approximately 6%, which keeps many people from ever saving enough money to buy a house. It reminds me of dangling a carrot in front of a disabled rabbit on a treadmill.

A rent to own program solves these problems by allowing you to live in your dream home now, build your credit, save money, and stabilize a future purchase price.

The Rent to Own program that we offer includes a consultation with a Credit Specialist. This person will give you a snap shot of your finances and help create a road map of your future. They will also work with you one on one and provide credit counseling to you throughout the term. This FREE service provides guidance to you on how to efficiently and effectively rebuild your credit. It is not a magic potion, or a quick fix diet, you have to do the work, but you will have expert guidance along the way.

What House Do I Buy?

In our rent to own program, we sit down with you and decide what properties fit your requirements. We are real estate sales professionals so we shop for the property with you just like a regular buyer would. When you find the right house, we may buy the property ourselves, or have one of our investors purchase it for you to move into as a Rent-to-Own tenant. A portion of your monthly rent will be credited each month to apply toward your down payment when you exercise your option to purchase.

rent to own homes in guelph are an excellent opportunity for investors and buyers

Rent to Own Step-By-Step

You fill out an online application for the Rent to Own program or print one out from our website and fax or e-mail it back to us.
We review your Application and have our mortgage specialist check your credit to get a financial snapshot of what your credit looks like today. Our mortgage broker will get back to us with your approval and let us know what maximum house price you can afford based on your income.

You start looking for properties on the MLS or Private Sales in the area(s) of your choice within the price range you have qualified for.
Once you find a home you are interested in, we will draft an offer to purchase and negotiate the deal with one of our investors as the purchaser. You will also sign a lease with the option to purchase for this house. This agreement will be between you and the investor.
You put down a small down payment that is 100% credited toward your purchase price when you buy at the end of the term. (example $5,000).

You get to move into the home under the Lease to Own program!
You will accumulate monthly credits toward your down payment each month as you pay rent. Any improvements you make are yours because you will eventually own it. We will pay for a credit specialist to work with you during the Lease to Own term to help you repair any credit issues that need to be taken care of for you to be able to qualify for a mortgage to buy your home.

When the lease is up you will get a mortgage of your own or assume the current mortgage in your own name and be the proud owners of your home.

Here is an example of a typical rent to own program:

Example Rent-to-Own


Initial Down Payment


Generally about 2.5% of the purchase price of the home, or $5000, whichever is greater.
Total monthly payment
Monthly Rent portion
Monthly Option portion


Utilities not included.* Numbers vary depending on the property.
Lease Term

2 Years

1-3 years based on your credit
Agreed to purchase price at the end of the lease period


Locked in at the beginning of the term when you sign the Option to Purchase Agreement.
Down payment saved over the lease period


($300 x 24 months)
Total down payment saved


$7200 + $5000 (initial down payment)
Amount owing to purchase house after 2 year lease.


This amount can be financed with a first mortgage from a bank or other lending company.

We are delighted to help people attain their goals of home ownership. We pride ourselves with our out-of-the-box thinking to help people get a leg up on life. Your experience with us will be positive and enjoyable. We want you to refer us for everything related to real estate!

Rent To Own Homes

Want to find out more about our rent to own program?

Contact Us: 226-780-0202

For more information visit us at or

Student Housing – Changes Looming

Student housing has been a lucrative venture for landlords for decades. There are estimated to be around 900 houses that are rented exclusively to students and having 4 or more tenants sharing the house. A large portion of these houses are considered by definition, to to be lodging houses, but are not registered. Here is the official definition of a lodging house cording to the City of Guelph..

Student Housing – Changes Looming.

How to Avoid Financing Declines – Lunch and Learn

Realtor Lunch & Learn

SOLD! How to avoid financing declines!

Join us this month for our FREE Lunch & Learn at the Guelph Cutten Club on Thursday May 20th from 12:30 – 1:45pm.

This month we will be reviewing the new mortgage rules and how they are changing the way you need to qualify your buyers and sellers.

In this session, we’ll show you:

– how to ensure your clients don’t get turned down for financing

– what you can do to better prepare your clients and get them the best deal

– how to stay in control of your deal and ensure it doesn’t fall apart on financing.

Register quickly!

Seating is limited to 40 Realtors so register quickly by replying to this email or call 519-763-3900 ext. 1000 and speak with Amy.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Mortgage Centre in Guelph

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Each Mortgage Centre office is independently owned and operated.

Rent to Own in Guelph

Guelph Rent to Own

Have you ever thought to yourself, “why am I paying rent, when I could have a house of my own for the same money?” If you have, you are not alone. So with this thought you head off to the bank with a skip in your step because you are about to buy a house! After all it makes sense right?  With interest rates so low, you can buy your own house and be paying less than your current rent!  Sounds exciting.

20 minutes later you slowly walk out of the bank with your head down… you were just informed that your credit isn’t good enough and you do not qualify for a mortgage. Most of you would just stop there and accept the fact that this world is cruel and backwards. That just doesn’t make sense… If you are paying less than you are now then how come you can’t get a mortgage?

There is hope though!  “How can this be?” you ask. There are thousands of people out there just like you already living in a home with the same credit problems.  They just found a way, which I am going to show you in a second. Maybe your job is good, but you just have a little too much debt, or you have been bankrupt in the past, perhaps you are new to the country.  Whatever the situation, you have hope from something called rent-to-own or lease-to-own.  Some media present this alternative as a dangerous scheme by business savvy entrepreneurs who feast on unwary helpless victims. There is some merit to these reports, so be ware, but like every profession or business there are crooks and heroes. So having said that, there are more good deals than bad deals.  In fact I have access to several trustworthy investors who are willing to help people get a leg up in life.  Of course they do make a profit but are more than fair with the terms and have a strong desire to help people build their credit and live in the home they eventually purchase at the same time.

So This is How it Works

The concept is simple really, you see the problem isn’t that you cannot “pay” for the home, it is simply that according to the bank’s preset rules something in that formula doesn’t click. That could be anything from student loans, a car payment, maybe you missed a few payments along the way. I won’t get into the details of why you didn’t “fit the mold,” but will focus on how you can “break the mold.”

In comes the investor.  Why would an investor help me, you might ask. Well an investor wants to make money, that is their primary goal and real estate is a proven investment. They have good credit and some cash reserves, so they want to buy a rental property.  Most investors will just buy a typical house or student rental and proceed to rent it out and collect cheques.  Somewhere down the road they sell it and make more money. The risk in this concept is that not every tenant is guaranteed to take care of the property, or even pay the rent for that matter. Then the sale; that’s not guaranteed either.

Imagine that they could find a renter who is guaranteed to take care of the property and is actually willing to put money into improvements. Why would a renter do this? Because they will eventually own it. They will also make all the payments because if they don’t the contract becomes void.  Lastly the problem of ownership is solved because there is an agreement to purchase at a set date for a set price. The banks like to lend money for these types of deals.  It is a win, win, win for all.

How Does a Renter Benefit?

A renter will benefit because they will get to live in a house that they will eventually own while building their credit. They will also feel comfortable in adding improvements to the home because they will get to enjoy the results after ownership is achieved.  They also have the benefit of knowing what they will pay for the property at a fixed time.  If the market goes up really fast, then they can feel comfortable in knowing that they are gaining equity, rather than always being behind the market. (aren’t able to save faster than house prices rise).  Sometimes the market does go down, but history has shown somewhere around a 3% annual gain on average.

The greatest benefit for the buyer is that they have special guidance in repairing their credit and have a team of professionals who are guiding them. If your Realtor or Investor is not willing to refer professionals who can build your credit then this is a sign that they are not looking to help you.

How Does a Rent to Own Work?

Good question. A simple answer is better than a long winded and confusing one, but a good conversation with your Realtor after reading this article (I would be this person) is definitely required. So here it goes… Ok, so you start off by meeting with your real estate team which includes the agent, investor and banker to determine what your current situation is. After all you can’t determine how to get where you are going if you don’t know where you are currently at. After you figure out a time frame and how much you can afford at the end of that time frame, you will talk with the real estate agent to determine what you want and what is available. You then set out to find a house. Once you find a house that you love, the Realtor will construct a purchase offer in the name of the investor with a side agreement between you and the investor to lease the property for a period of time (usually 2 years), with an option to purchase at a pre-determined  price. Sounds simple, so what’s the catch?

The catch is that the investor needs a guarantee that the property buyout will actually take place, so they will require a non-refundable deposit. This amount will depend on the investor and is usually 5% of the property value but there are some who only require as low as 2%.  Often they ask for rent with an extra portion on top which is held in trust and applied to the eventual purchase (a down payment). The reason for the extra amount is to assist in the savings for a down payment. The last part is the purchase price, the investor will require the buyer to agree to an eventual purchase price of at least 2% per annum above the original purchase price.

If a property were purchased foe $200,000 the future purchase price in two years would be

Guelph University Housing and Investment Property

Every year starting in January there is a sudden demand for student housing in Guelph Ontario.  This when students know that they have to start looking for the best accommodations for the following school year. Although this annual ritual may seem strange to the average citizen who assumes that August is when most students should be looking for a place to call home for the semester starting in September, it is not strange to the average student.

Conservatory Garden
Conservatory Garden

Many first year students were stuck single handedly trying to find mediocre accommodation the previous semester, and many settled for student residence with high costs and a lot of chaos! They are determined to avoid this mistake for the second year.  After all they are now veterans and are no longer timid, new freshmen.  They now know the ropes, and the secrets of university life, in addition have aquired a group of friends who all experienced the same crappy living arrangements.  They now, together, hand in hand, flood the Guelph real estate rental market ready to snatch up the best and most affordable living space! they will beat out the unaware new freshmen, many whom in January do not even know what university they will attend never mind where they will live!! Survival of the fittest in action.

So why am I concerned with this annual migration? Quite simple actually!  I am a real estate agent in Guelph, and work with investors who buy and sell rental properties, where these students will live.  I also have the honour of meeting these young aspiring university graduates in my quest to fill the properties I have sold to landlords.

On January first I will set out with the handfull of current clients to buy townhouses, detached houses, or condos, with the intention of providing a place for students to live.  These are the best type of investments in my opinion.  The reason is because students will always be there, I know they will pay the rent, if there are 4 students in a property, there are 4 sources of income, mommy and daddy usually foot the bill, and I know that if there is a problem they will leave.

How can you profit from student rentals? Look for information in my next post, I will tell you!

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