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5 Kitchen Remodel Innovations

5 Kitchen Remodel Innovations

For most people, the kitchen is the most used room in their home. In fact, it’s so important that a kitchen’s usefulness and appearance tend to rank high in buyers’ lists for what they want in their next home.

Whether you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen and want to dream big, or are just wondering what the high-tech trends are, here are a few cutting-edge items you may soon see in the “kitchen of the future.”

Open-sesame cabinets

A line of cabinets by Anvil Motion lets you open your cabinets with a wave of the hand. And with the fingerprint-recognition option, you can keep drawers locked unless you open them, which is useful for knives and valuables.

Repair notification

Technology found in some new Miele refrigerators, washers and other appliances will detect a malfunction and alert either you or the company service center that it’s time for a visit from the repairman.

Cook in no time flat

Want to cook a 12-pound turkey in less than an hour? The TurboChef oven uses patented technology to move currents of hot air, so you can cook food up to 15 times faster than conventional cooking.

Glowing counters

Textured and colored countertops from ThinkGlass can be lit from underneath by LED lights so they can glow in a wide variety of different colors.

Fridge-oven combo

Want a steaming hot dinner on the table as soon as you get home? The Tmio intelligent oven lets you call it from your cell phone, and it will switch from refrigerating food to begin cooking what’s inside.

Of course, even less-than-cutting-edge technology can improve your kitchen as well. Feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss how improving your kitchen can also improve the value and enjoyment of your home.